Catching up…

Amazing just how far behind I went with the work I wanted to achieve – but then I had planned work on my domains for once, and with being otherwise distracted …… anyway — theme here reverted because that “Rose” creation just looked messy to me and rather than shout at it, I’ll banish it to a (planned) gallery of previous incarnations. On the new .info domain, I’ve a 10pixel CSS problem (Firefox only, 1024 only) which has driven me nuts tonight – so time has been called on that one. Annoying as I was going to trudge round the village publicising it tomorrow …….. might still be able to do that after sorting sister-in-laws computer.

Bah ……it’s 2:20am. Got caught with last minute changes to the upgrade guides. It’s nearly here, but bed calls. (And anyway, I’m running 2.4 Racoon ! 🙂 )

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