Last Saturday, I wrote a post with the catchy title of “Provident Financial: Scum” and today, it would appear that either a capitalist fanatic or a company employee has commented. Here is the reply :

Nobody makes poor people take the loans. They are fully aware of what it means and what they have to pay back, it says on everything that they are given and its not that small print.

Hmm……. no doubt by the letter of the law – this will be the same law that lets you shaft the least affluent – that statement is strictly true. It does not mean that it is not complete bollocks though. Oh – the comment was left by a “kirstie Bridgstock” (sic) with what I suspect is a dodgy email address.
Right then kirstie:
– you find me a SINGLE independent financial body that agrees that providing loans at your rate of interest is a good deal.
– find just ONE independent financial body that agrees that people who are poor, people who are undoubtedly living from hand to mouth, people that have had the sharp end of life’s stick poked into them repeatedly can make a balanced financial judgement
– find ANY decent, rational person who does not think that Provident Financial are a bunch of low-life thieves.
Go on ….. off you go – it’s only three things

The fact is that because of competition and financial regulation, the markets for making money from money have shrunk – so you are going to the people who are most desperate, least able to fight you, most likely to acquiesce to your demands. It is companies like yours that strive to keep people down instead of helping them up.

There will be a death laid at your door one day. I suppose you’ve got that press release drafted already ?

Provident Financial: Killers

One thought on “Apologists

  1. I think its not just companies like Provident who suck the life blood from the disadvantaged. When you see the amount of ads on Sky tv for loan companies. Look very closely at the very tiny and brief flash on the bottom of the screen. You have to be fast mind and have your magnifing glasses to hand. what do you see ? well usually that the loan company is a trading arm of RBS/Halifax/HSBC and so on.
    So If like me through no fault of my own, you lose your status and cant have a current account etc, and you need finance which the big banks wont give you at reasonable interest rates because of non status, you have to use one of their trading arm loan companies at a much high rate rate of interest. Classless society I don’t think so.

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