For Clarity

As of now:

  • I provide NO free help through the WordPress forums

  • I provide NO free help through ANY online chat program

  • I provide NO free help by email

IF I have said I will help you already, then I will.
IF I am currently assisting you, I will complete.
IF I link to you, I will help you if you need it.

If I do not, then the lies which those before you have peddled are, unfortunately, going to mean that if you want my assistance, you will have to contact me for a price.

This post may be reviewed has been changed today.

I reviewed it 🙂

21 thoughts on “For Clarity

  1. A a recenter WordPresser (3 months) I stongly urge you to reconsider. FWIW, Your tutorials have saved me SEVERAL hours on the “too many” hours I have already spent working on my site. In just my short time using WordPress, I can tell that you are a great resource to the success of WordPress users’ ability to convey their content in WordPress form!

    Again, please reconsider…

  2. Whether or not you decide to continue to support those using WordPress (and regardless of how you decide to offer them support, if you do continue), I would like to offer my genuine thanks for all of your truly monumental efforts. Your work has helped me before, and I’m sure its helped literally thousands more. In addition to your “general consumption” documents, I’ve seen you bend over backwards to help people individually and make those people’s lives a little easier; I honestly appreciate that. I can’t imagine how much time you’ve put into these efforts, and I’m sure you don’t get all the rewards you deserve for them.

    So thanks. Really. It may not be worth much, but it’s sincere.

    Whatever path you take (and I mean in general, not just with this issue), I very much hope it’s a happy one. That’s really all that matters. Nuts to anything else.

  3. Unfortunately there are times when we have to do things like this. Too many people start to take it for granted that you will help them without them having to do anything. I’ve seen it at my own work, people ask for things that they shouldn’t, but because you’ve helped them before they expect it and you can see they aren’t happy because you don’t do it again.

    I have always felt that if you want help, you must be prepared to give help. As you’ve found, this has not been happening.

    In whatever you choose, I wish you well.

    I know personally I will find doing WP things that bit more difficult, but I can see why you’ve done it, and kudos to you!

    (I hope you know that I do appreciate all you’ve done!)

  4. I also want to extend my thanks and understanding. You’re tutorials have been helpful in the past and I’ve learned a great deal simply by reading your responses to various posts in the forums. However, if you’re not having any fun or you;re being taken for granted – you need to do what you need to do. Cheers and thanks Mark from all of us.

  5. Add my thanks to that list as well, your guides have been helpful to me on numerous occassions.

    I don’t know what’s led to all of this (not checked the forums or any other blogs for a few days), but it’s sad that some people can put off genuine people such as yourself contributing so generously in the way that you have. Understandable but sad. 🙁

  6. Mate,
    I’m 100% in support of you, no matter what your decision may be. The WP community owes a lot to your tireless efforts. Your contributions have helped more people than you probably imagine.

    Take the time you need to decide what is right for you. Regardless of your choice, you can always count on my support. 😀

    Now go and watch a Six Nations’ Cup game or catch the Manchester Utd. football game.

  7. An Antipodean voice here. I’ve had such a lot of help from you Mark, directly, through the forums and using your amazing guides. More of the latter recently, now that I am a little bit more able to blog on my own two feet.

    That I probably why I stuck with WordPress too. I found the sense of community amazing.

    Please don’t let drongos spoil it for you. There are a lot of us who credit our own growth to you and your patience. :blush:

  8. Hey Mark,

    You know of course that there is no way anyone who supports you is ever going to stop, so don’t even think of running behind that big bush. We know you are there and we will simply keep finding you if you try to hide. And worrying about someone called Larry Anvers? Why? Who THE F$CK is Larry Anders?

    Even if he writes a book, anyone who is even remotely up-to-date with WP will know it carries no endorsement.

    In fact, I think one of the most telling comments I have read on this whole issue is the one from Larry himself…

    I don’t know what you construed as a “dig”, don’t even know who you are, and don’t know which site you refer to.

    Don’t know who you are? Well then, I would certainly not buy a book from a moron who has been offplanet for some time now and does not know the first thing about the product he is wishing to promote.

    Mark is universally known you idiot! Sheesh!

  9. I’m new here and to the WordPress community. I found your site about a month ago, and really appreciated the information and help that you have provided to everyone.

    Since I only know a little about the situation, let me say just a little. Thank you, and don’t let a putz stop you from being who you are.

    You blog header says it all…

    Karma man, just remember Karma. Treat things nice and nice things happen to you.

  10. I’ve been out for the weekend and barely got a glimpse of what’s been going on. Like Craig, I’ll support you in whatever choice you make. Just know that you’ve helped me out a whole lot, and I’ve been able to help a couple friends use WordPress as well. I would certainly hate to see you leave.

  11. Alas, just as WP 1.5 is about to hit the streets an idiot (larry anders) has to screw up the best resource we have.

    Given your last line in the post, (“This post may be reviewed today,”) it does appear you are open to returning. We all hope so.

    Damm just when I was going to fire up my new xampp download this morning and go thru your 1.2 to WP 1.5 update page!!! Now even that page is shielded from those that really need help.

    Fuck you larry anders ( No caps intentional)

  12. I am really disapointed, i only found this site yesterday (yes, yesterda) and was looking over your graphical CSS guide and was so thankful i found it. Today it is passworded because you seem to be having a bad week. Maybe you should realize that for all the good you do, the little bad that comes from asses should not bring you down.

  13. I’ll be another to chime in and say that I’m quite thankful for your help via your guides/tutorials. And having witnessed all that you do on the support forums, as well. But as Craig said, I respect your decision, whatever it may be. And wish you all the best, hon.

  14. Mark-

    This is BuffVS from the WP forums. I havent been around the forums for the past few days so I have no idea what happened to bring you to this decsion. However, I want to say thank you for all the great tutorials and tips that you have provided to me and to many others. Had it not been for you and a few others, I wouldnt have figured out WP and come to realize it is far superior to the other blogs out there. Sorry for whatever it was that went down 🙁

  15. I am sorry to hear that you have finally been exhausted with helping those that do not appreciate it. I thank you for all of the help you have provided me since I have known you. If it were not from you I might never have gotten my blog up and running. I truly appeciate your time.

  16. I’m back …….. I’m back for a few reasons:
    the upgrade is upon us
    there is stuff left undone
    all your nagging worked 🙂

    and because I’m not going to let some fuckwit (whoops… that my comment into moderation!) push me away from a project I actually do enjoy, as exasperating as it can be at times.


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