Provident Financial: Scum

“A new credit card aimed at millions of low-income families is to charge interest at up to 70%”

What ?
Some greedy execs sat around a table and wondered not just how they could enrich their company, but how they could rip off the poorest of our country. They are the easiest to manipulate, the easiest to screw with, the easiet to have no moral conscience about, the easiest to exploit. And then they wondered how to wrap it all up in some sort of “publicly acceptable package” – I await their announcement that they will only charge 50% after reviewing things.
Heartless bastards – that’s the people running this company. Complete con-merchants.

Les Stillwell (head of the band of thieves) – you make me want to puke, you really do.

4 thoughts on “Provident Financial: Scum

  1. Nobody makes poor people take the loans. They are fully aware of what it means and what they have to pay back, it says on everything that they are given and its not that small print.

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