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Strange timing on this post …..
There are now a couple of Donate buttons. Why ? To be honest, why not ?
My guides have helped many many people and I have been asked many times about people giving me money for services like installing, upgrading, troubleshooting. I have always given the same response and if you have read here much, or talked to me, you will know my position. That has not changed. What has changed is that this was a little blog with a monthly bandwidth of 600meg. I now use that bw in less than 72 hours. It’s starting to actually cost me money – and I can’t afford it.
There is no pressure to give anything, and nothing will disappear if you don’t, but if my guides have helped you at all, and you wanted to show your appreciation, you now can.

HUGE thanks go to a really good friend for allowing me to use her paypal account (I do not have one so it is not my name on the account, but the money will come to me.). Ta Jayne 🙂

5 thoughts on “Make a Donation

  1. That was my initial setting. I’ve posted here my excess usage before too.
    It’s not about bouncing from host to host and who offers what – I am very happy with all other aspects – aspects which I doubt others could beat. It’s just as much about people being able to say Thank You in ways they have expressed they want to – and we all need that don’t we 🙂

  2. I am glad that you have a “donate” button on your site. I think that PayPal links and Amazon (and other) wish lists are great for sites such as yours that offer a service. I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve stumbled onto a site such as this one and gotten the answer to a question or problem that had been plaguing me. Or, as often, direct help with my specific problem in an email exchange with the site owner. And if that person’s words or help saved me many hours of nail biting and hairpulling, that time is a value to me. A value I can place a dollar amount on.

    I’m delighted when I find that the person has an Amazon Wish List or PayPal link. Granted my few dollars won’t buy them the high end flatbed scanner they lie awake and dream about, but it’s a start. And a nice way to say “thank you” for their help!

    I hope they click often, Mark!

  3. yeah, I guess the cost of moving around is pretty high too, on a personal level…. 🙂 I wonder how hard it’s going to be for me to both move my blog from server to server and upgrade to 1.5 nearly simultaneously… I wonder which order I should do those in… Maybe I’ll just get together a donation for you now to get it in before the rush 🙂

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