SLH does Manji

I’ve always liked Manji as a theme, but the one page/no links bit I wasn’t such a fan of. Reminded me too much of another template and … I’ll not go there.. So, Manji2 comes out. It’s downloaded, but not unzipped as no-one else has yet asked for it (I think I have most themes) but then Steve uses my latest upgrade guide, and drops Manji2 into place as his new template. Bloody lovely 🙂

Now.. do I do a live switch and customise, or a behind the scenes ? I already know the colours……. check later …

2 thoughts on “SLH does Manji

  1. I just recently started a new blog using Manji2. I also linked the original design but resisted using it because of the single col format. As soon as I noted the Manji2 version I started Pickled Pundit . Feel free to stop by, although it is still in its infant stages and I still must learn all the in’s and out’s of WP 1.5

    BTW I just attempted to use your spell check and it failed. Apparently a javascript error.

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