Pretty Vacant

There’s yet another frigging forum thread about “Which is the best looking blog” – why are people so damn shallow ??
Here’s a novel approach – read what the author has written ! Try it ! You CAN read can’t you ? Ever heard the saying about judging books by their covers ? It amazes me that people appear so pathetic that they would keep going back to a blog simply because it looks good. Why ? There really can be no point in that. Or are you the type of person who would pick the most attractive partner even if they had the conversational skills of a brick ? After all, you could look at them couldn’t you !
Ah, you designer / aesthetic types say, I go to look for inspiration. Really ? Oh … so you’ll not be the ones accusing others of theft then ? It’s happened once. But you wouldn’t do that would you ? Oh no ? Sure………

FFS people, READ the blogs.

One thought on “Pretty Vacant

  1. It’s funny you should say that, after being “off-line” for a few days I’ve been catching up reading the usual blogs. I tend to read a lot of blogs in my RSS reader (Akregator) and find I much prefer sites which put the whole blog post (rather than just an excerpt) in the RSS, so to me the issue does become more about good content than design.

    However, I can’t decide whether reading blogs in RSS is really a good thing or not, as I wonder if it discourages commenting. It becomes even easier to just “click-through” a post. but on the other hand, if a blogger puts something really interesting up then I guess people will still comment.

    I like the new design by the way -but I only saw it cos I came to comment! (ok, I also read your previous post on it.).

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