A tale of a Bee.

Last night around 8pm, I was sitting in the front room when I heard a buzzing from the chimney. This noise became louder and more frequent until a large bumble bee emerged and flew round the room. Naturally, I caught said bee (in a clear bag) and released it as I went out to the shop. On return from the shop, the bee was back inside. I again caught it and put it outside. A while later, I again heard buzzing from the chimney. And again the bee appeared. This time, I caught it like you would with a spider (glass and paper underneath) and put it outside the front door. On closing – just closing – that door, it was already on the carpet in the doorway. Okay….. try again …. catch bee, hold glass and paper over wall to next door, release bee and move rapidly inside !
About 30 minutes later, the chimney gets noisy again and the persistent little creature emerges. It wins. I give up. It flies around for a while, then divebombs onto the sofa next to me. It settles after crawling under the sofa.
This morning, bee emerges. He’s moving slowly at the start, and looking like he is rubbing his eyes and muttering to himself something about how the hell he got here. I leave him alone. He soon flies up to the window and I open the door to let him out. That’s not my house in the picture (though it is similar enough) , but for a bee to go from front door to chimney then down (and out – he must have been really annoyed at me) three times is pretty amazing.

4 thoughts on “A tale of a Bee.

  1. Can’t help but smile to myself after reading the tale of the Bee Mark
    Half way through, I was convined you had a Bee’s nest within the chimney. As fast as you outed one, another came down the chimney.:blush:

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