Should Charles marry Camilla ?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. I don’t give a shit and I want you to take all this crap off my TV so that I can see what is really going on in the world. I just DO NOT CARE. It is NOT IMPORTANT.

(And can I be the only one in the UK who wonders just who the hell this “James Whittaker” actually is and how far up his ass that broom handle has been pushed ?)

14 thoughts on “Should Charles marry Camilla ?

  1. I have no idea who James Whittaker is, nor do I care about possible nuptials. Thank goodness I check my feeds before the news…I’ll keep away from that today then 🙂 At least I can delete shite stories from my feed in a nanosecond…shame you can’t do the same thing to certain news stories. I stopped watching Breakfast news when that blonde Sophie left…because yup, I’m shallow like that 🙂

  2. Natasha Kaplinsky. BBC Breakfast News.
    Tottie, that is ALL she is there for. She has all the interview technique either a 13yo girl in front of McFly or of a rabbit on the M25. If she is a fully trained journalist, then I’m a php uber-coder.

    Sophie is still around ….. maybe her schedule is somewhere? You could sync to it ? 😉

  3. Mark….NK ain’t that great-looking either. I much prefer the Welsh woman (name escapes me right now) who was there before her and who does News 24 at the weekend. For an old bird she’s hot 😉 and she’s a proper journalist. Can’t imagine NK in Tsunami-hit Asia

  4. NK just seems odd…never liked her. Sophie is on the 6 o’clock news but it’s not the same! 😉

    Dino…D’you mean that Sian (sp?) Williams? Short hair? Did she do Friday mornings? She had a certain sumthing-sumthing, I see where you’re coming from there.

  5. You know, I don’t care how sad I am – I vote yes. Yes they should be allowed to marry. Yes they should never have been made to marry people that they didn’t really want to for whatever reason. I personally believe we should all be free to marry (or not) as we wish. Finally he’s going to get to be with the one person he’s always wanted to be with – just like your average non-royal person. To me – that’s romantic. Shoot me down now, as you wish.

  6. Krys:
    “they should never have been made to”
    Weakness of character ? Hmm….

    “we should all be free to marry (or not) as we wish”
    that means we have to interfere with other faiths then does it not ?

    “he’s going to get to be with the one person he’s always wanted to be with”
    Then he should have played harder when he had the chance. That’ll be before the adultery, the deceit and the anguish he caused another.

    “that’s romantic”
    I find this situation about as romantic as a damp lettuce.

  7. I personally couldnt give a toss if he marrys the horse faced old cow or not. What I do give a toss about, however, is whos going to be footing the bill for this roayal wedding. Id bet my arse its not coming out of old big-ears pocket.

  8. Yep – shot down as predicted. My instinctive reaction is, feeling personally berated, just to shut up and walk way….but hey, take a walk on the wild side….

    Walk a mile in another person’s shoes before you judge them. Having never been heir to a throne, I can barely imagine the pressure such a position brings. Torn between duty to yourself and to the role to which you were unwittingly born? It must be akin to the arranged marriages that occur in various cultures – equally unwelcome and unavoidable. I’m not sure what you meant when it came to interfering with other faiths – maybe that was it – but perhaps you’d care to elaborate? The implication made in your comment was that he was the only one to cause deceit and anguish – whereas his argument is that he only gave into “it” when his marriage had irretrievably broken down. Let’s not forget James Hewitt, or even Will Carling…….and who knows who else? There were flaws on both sides, they both played the press game, and given the chance, I think time would have showed a more balanced picture. However, fate intervened…..

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