DNS resolved

Finally, it looks like both the http:// and the http://www. for the new domain load correctly. And here was me thinking that ICANN and similar had promised that changes would be reflected a lot faster ? Anyway, all is good. And now, when it comes to writing it, it gets tricky.
A forum is installed (bbPress) and now the front pages ….. the structure isn’t an issue at all, it’s the content. It’s writing something that encourages people to want to contribute, want to say “Yes, I’ll do some of the village history” and “Okay, I’ll look at x, y or z”. After all, there’s nothing monetary in this at all. No big shiny credits, no return for time invested – so getting people not just interested but motivated will be interesting to say the least. Especially when they realise who I am.
So, writing that, plus some rules – standards compliance mainly – and putting the css together is the job for the rest of the evening / tomorrow.

And worst of all, I need a photograph. I need to go take a picture. I can’t take pictures very well … but then I can’t start a new site and have a stolen image as the page header can I ?

One thought on “DNS resolved

  1. What about getting in touch with your local historical society? The one for my town has loads of photos and other info on our town, maybe (if there is one in your town) they would like to help out/contribute?

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