Still Ill

The abscess seems – at last – to have reduced to sensation level instead of the amazing pain levels it was hitting. This rates as incredibly fantastically good. Yes.

Deep Throat is apparently getting a film re-release in the US soon. I was not of a ‘certain age’ when it was doing the rounds way back when, but watching a Channel 5 (or was it 4 ?) programme last week about it would appear to show I’m missing nothing. I believe it was firmly in the age of “Got a dodgy moustache ? Yup, you’ll do for porn”. Anyway, given the choice I’d rather know more about the other Deep Throat – one of those defining historical moments that happened when I just that bit too young.

Name servers are s_l_o_w. The domain I got still points at easily, and as software I want to install needs paths, and paths can’t have IP’s in them, I’m stuffed. For now. Hopefully things will be better in the am.

This is for Jo – I found it at Eric Meyer’s site: Toast

My Technorati ‘thing’ yesterday showed a link to here, from Scoble. Wooooo! Actually, he had posted, and something had linked his post to another post somewhere, and I had already commented on that post and something made a connection between Scoble and me. Odd. I half hoped that he had seen my post about XP and was vaunting me as some sort of ‘pleb hero’ but alas, it was not to be. /me sobs :p

And now I’m off to see if I can get my access log to actually keep a full 24 hours ….