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Actually reading some of the info in my site control panel (Ensim) is useful ! I have found where the logs sit .. dozing away. So I grabbed one. Unzipped, the 24 hour access log is a shade over 4.5meg. And my grepping cherry is gone (nods to Gary for the link to a Windows prog) – it shows that for 24 hours from 06:30 on 4th of this month, I had 560 attempts at “wp-comments-reply.php” (which DOES NOT EXIST you thick twats) .I’ve not really looked for any other patterns. So…..560 is a lot ? Nothing at all and I have no clue yet just what they can do ? Talk to me 🙂 Please.

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  1. Not a lot at all – about average. I had 678 attempts on Monday. This analysis is going to take time whilst you try and look for patterns. Whatever you named comments-post (if you have changed it) look for the attempted access to that. That’s what they normally go for. But from the point of view of bandwidth, if they’re hitting that then it’s a small amount…unless of course it’s a phenominally large number. It’s the spammers (or visitors if they aren’t nice ones) that load the full pages that will really kill the bandwidth for you.

    Hopefully that info I passed to you before should help out (for now). Try grepping for 403’s as well, that’ll give you a number for how heavily you are being spammed. Course you have to filter out legitimate users trying to access locked pages by mistake (small number).

    Like I said it takes a while, so it’s nice to have tools to make it easier.

  2. Just had a look .. comments-post are all legit, there are some 403’s but I have filenames with 403 in too which doesn’t help, but overall that are not significant.

    I might look into mirroring my files then … it’s just a PITA though.

  3. They are nearly all there actually …. I put them there.
    I am of the opinion that wiki’s are unfriendly places, even to the casual browser. They have a navigation system that you can get lost in, links lead to pages which do not exist, and if you are trying to find a way through one, while also trying to fix your blog ….. recipe for screaming if ever I saw one. My POV anyway.
    Which is why I keep them as what they are – regular web pages.

    I have ISP space with unlimited traffic (well…I think he said 20G / month may get a look at), but it’s the hassle of either moving the whole lot – which will end up with a lot of broken bookmarks or mirroring the files in the ISP space (where they were for a while once) and asking that offsite referrals go to it instead. Or, seeing as my host isn’t (yet) giving me hassle about the bw, i should just shut up.

    I guess I just was / am surprised at how much they are used. It’s not resented .. just that – surprise.

  4. WP one of the top three blogging software packages…completely free. With everybody and their dog blogging…and you are surprised that common sense guides are very popular???


    20gig a month? I have 120gig, but got it from the great Dreamhost sale 🙂 But I’m mean so still bitch when spammers steal it 😉

    You’ll just have to keep an eye on what’s going where. Even small scale spamming will hurt you. But you’ve either got a very good or very lazy host!

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