Wanted: Server Utility

I need a program like this, and one I previously mentioned (FTP Pie) does not work.

I need something that I can point at /var or /var/html (or better still, root) on the server and it them tells me what is where and how big. It must be configurable so that if it hits a 550 for any reason it doesn’t crash, and I must be able to drill down.
A while ago I mentioned that I’d set up lilana as an RSS reader on here. I loked at it on and off, then promptly forgot about it (like I do). Looking at disk space issues earlier, I came across it. Right-click, delete. 20 minutes later it had still not deleted all the files. Huge numbers of cache files (Note: not a problem with the program at all – this is a problem of me not looking after it correctly) and in the end, close to 3meg of files. So according to my site control panel, I’m using around 88meg – but I have no clue at all just how. I have no pressure on the space, and no issues to move, but in the same way that I like to know what is occupying my C: drive, I’d love to know what’s actually on the server.

So……who knows of a program then ? 🙂

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