I now own the .info for our village.
Around us some of the villages have good websites – active, maintained sites that will undoubtedly act as useful points of contact for people moving into or back to the villages and also as good ‘PR’ sites. After all, why not make a noise about a good village ? But our village has some quite poor sites – having a “Bobby standards” logo does not a good site make. No. They also seem to be in the control of local govt at some level – and since when is that ever a great idea ? So.. seeing as the site will be about information on the village, and it was only a fiver, I bought the .info (easily.co.uk before you ask).
If I get time and the inclination I’ll start putting together a front page and a “Help make this site” better type thing later for when hosting is sorted. No huge rush ….. and this should be fun !

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