Nippy !
All the stuff I could want open does so, and not a sweat in sight. Nice 🙂
Made nicer by me walking into shop, pointing at memory and asking for the price:
“The 512meg is £90 Sir”
“Oh….I can get that online for £61”
“Which site would that be ?”
I told him …. he ummed and arrred
“Our price includes fitting and testing though”
“I can do THAT ! Slot in, switch on”
“But you might buy the wrong RAM Sir”
“Noo…..if I give you all the details, you would be SELLING me the wrong RAM”
No problem….. I’ll leave it
“I will find out best price Sir ……….. waits …………….. £70 is all I can do”
“Thanks very much, I’ll have that” 🙂 🙂
With the cost of postage and the delay from the online source, I’d already decided that £70 was an okay price. Bargain !

Next – find the codeine.

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