Sunday crud

Had an idea today for an anti-spam approach today …. not that I can code it but I posted the idea over at the forums so we’ll see what comes of it.

Noticed I’m recycling images ? I really should get round to making a ton more.

Some ‘quicktags’ now in the commenting area. They look …. ugly …. unless it’s the XP theme I’m using (no, not telling) so i might have to see what – if anything – I can do about them. And either add a few more or delete. Or leave. Credits to Owen for making the plugin – see the About T2 page on the About page.

100 Best pop Videos is on TV …. there are that many good ones ??

WP upgrade guide is now translated to German. The unreleased guide is as unsupported as a balloon floating in the sky, so if you do find it from someone, and you do use it, and you do have problems, I am not a sympathetic shoulder. Really. Wait until release.

I really ought to buy more memory for this machine this week if I can … I’ve been good and not bought the Zeldman or Cederholm books I really want (only because they weren’t in stock but that’s not the point) so it should be okay. I shall enquire later.

Politeness. In the world of text, this is not an option. No – it’s mandatory. Reap what you sow and all that ? Good.

Oh….and usenet ? Anyone look in the same places I do ? Didn’t things just wake up ! And in a welcome way too.

Said it was crud.

10 thoughts on “Sunday crud

  1. The quicktags look fine to me, fit in nicely with your theme!

    Totally agree on the politeness thing. Having observed people on various forums across the internet over the years however, I’m not sure how many people would agree with that. 😀

  2. Can’t get at it from anywhere – Google, Wiki, anyone’s blog-link, just doesn’t exist for me. If you can get to it what’s the latest zip file available and if you have broadband could you email me a copy please? I’m looking for a 1.5* version but it doesn’t need to be the latest nightly or anything. I’ve just spent an hour trying to get it via CVS but I can’t get a hook up and I can’t read the tutorials on it cuz they don’t exist for me. Derrrrr!!

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