Ellen Macarthur

Top girl ! Seems to be waaaaay ahead of the rival record (lots of detail and more at http://www.teamellen.com) but I was watching some stuff earlier and pondering what is must be like. I could list many things and I’d come over as some sort of condescending idiot because the text wouldn’t carry the humour – in short, I think what she has done is amazing, it really is. But thinking of all that she does, there is one part that really does make me think and go “Wow!” – sleeping. She is going to sleep alone while this great yacht belts along across the waters. I mean .. it could crash / collide with something ! (I’m told the probability of falling into a hole is low). Now how much tiredness must make you just think “I don’t give a sh*t” as you roll into what passes for a bed ? And when you wake up, it’s not like you can check passing scenery to see where you are is it ?
Yes, I know there is lots of tech stuff, GPS and whatnots, but in the end, she has to trust this stuff. She is closing her eyes and sleeping while putting a huge amount of faith into electronics (that’s electronics floating on water – and they don’t mix).

Good luck to her, and she couldn’t beat a better bloke 😉

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  1. 😯
    Scary isn’t it. Though from the last race she did, the video footage seemed to suggest that she didn’t sleep much at all, preferring instead to stay awake and go ever-so-slightly-mad. Looks like it’ll be the same this time!

    “I’m absolutely exhausted, I had about 15 minutes sleep I think through the night, there has been ships everywhere, rain squalls. We had the wind direction changing. At one point the boat tacked itself because the wind shift was so great so! It’s been a full on night and I am very, very tired. I was hoping to be in before sunset tonight but that looks absolutely impossible now, so I’m just going to have to hang in here and just try and hold on until the finish.”

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