Switching computers off.

I’ve wondered about this for a long time, but certain stories / events / readings have got me going again.
The Register reports that faulty software in Tablet PC’s means they should be rebooted daily. As a Windows user, and also as a bloke with some common sense, I don’t see a problem with that. And yet what is to be seen across the blogosphere ? Much snorting, derision, open slagging of Microsoft. For WHAT ? Why are you idiots making this racket over nothing at all ?

If I said to you that I leave my car running all the time because not only am I stinking rich but I need it ready and fast, you’d tell me I was a dickhead.
If I said I left all my electronic equipment on at all times regardless and stuff the environment because I need it all ready fast, you’d tell me I was a dickhead.
If I said that I kept my shoes on at all times and never put anything away because I might need it all fast, you’d tell me I was a dickhead.
But you are boasting about leaving machines on 24/7 – you aren’t a dickhead then ?
And I don’t mean just plugged in – you are leaving them ON.

You are not running graphics intensive programs. You are not distributing material over torrents (are you ?). You are not actually doing anything – except maybe having your IM and #IRC open constantly just so you don’t miss anything vital (!!) and also trying to give the impression that you are, in some peculiar way, cool.
It has sod all to do with stress on your machine in the shut-down / start-up process – that argument is crap.

I could leave my XP machine on for days – but what’s the bloody point ???

Other stupidity spotted: A blogger with the word “geek” in his name posted that he had bought a new laptop, cooked his own Gentoo whatever, and put all that on the HD instead of XP. He wanted to make the point that Microsoft wouldn’t be getting HIS business. Stupid twat….. hadn’t he figured he’d just paid for the Redmond OS ?

3 thoughts on “Switching computers off.

  1. I saw those stories, I think the point was completely missed and degenerated into another OS fight. Any computer which is not doing much can be left on and will be fine…the Tablet PC problem is a bug. I think I commented somewhere that the difference between OSX and Windows (IMO) is that when you’re – and this is important – heavily using the system by running apps, putting apps on, taking them off etc, then Windows will roll over and die first because there are so many hooks that are left open and remnants not cleaned up properly. That’s not an MS problem alone – there are some lazy 3rd party app developers that don’t clean up after themselves properly. But to make sure you don’t have those issues, when heavily using Windows, then it’s best to shut it down every night (I think too many people jumped down the throat of scoble for no reason there). OSX because it’s UNIX based doesn’t really run into the same issues.

    I always leave my machines on as in on 😉 But that’s a habit. My beige box has been on over a week and when the PB is back it just gets closed, but not shutdown. Mainly because I run cron jobs.

  2. The stories which anoyed me the most were the one-liners like “puh-leeese” – which implied both arrogance and a knowledge which very probably is not present. Either way it’s very unattractive.

    I turn mine off unless they are actually doing something. With the machines here using the line all day, it’s just not practical to download some ISO’s if I also need ftp (which is daily and unpredictable).

    What with posts elsewhere… I think I’m being a touch antagonistic today. Ah well 🙂

  3. My PC runs 24/7 but that’s because I run SETI@Home. When I’m not actually on the PC myself I switch the monitor off and disconnect from the Internet despite being on an ADSL connection. I do regular “clean-ups” to remove those “bits” left behind by lazy 3rd party apps developers and keep the Registry clean and I have a program that unloads dlls that are not in use and defrags and recovers my RAM. And all using XP. Go figure me eh? And where’s WordPress gone?

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