This Irish stuff sometimes goes right over my head.

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1. “Sinn Fein has to sever its links with the IRA before they can play a full part in democratic politics”
I have not the slightest doubt that every single member of Sinn Fein could be transported to the bloody Moon and yet some would still insist that they were plotting with the IRA (/me points at Paisley for one).

2. “We have got the distinct and definite view of the police forces on both sides of the border that there was Provisional IRA involvement in the robbery”
Yes, okay – proof ? The 1970’s English Govt had the “distinct and definite view” that certain men were involved with the IRA then and so internment was used. Either prove it or STFU. And let’s be honest here – it wouldn’t be that hard to blame the IRA there for that crime would it ?

3 And this just takes the f*cking biscuit:
“Archbishop Brady called on all those who desire peace to work together to restore confidence and trust. He said everyone had perhaps been too tolerant of activity which was inconsistent with the vision of a just and peaceful society. ”
Ex-bloody-scuse me ??? This is a CATHOLIC Archbishop, a guy who has been in the SAME church as the IRA saying they have been too easy on the IRA. WTF ? So maybe if those same Catholic ministers hadn’t been all so forgiving in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s then MAYBE peace could have got here sooner.

Brit View: The people making THE most sense over there ? Sinn Fein.