Average IQ’s up ?

AOL loses two million punters – or is dumbing down getting worse ?

I need a little sep image ..

Yesterday, there was a knock on the door and one of the girls answered it. They saw the Health ID and let the lady in. She saw me, said “Hi” and wandered through. After starting to talk to J, it transpired she was a midwife. We’ve no need for a midwife. At all. Anyway, off she went, saying she’d tell the office. I don;t think she did though as we had a re-run this morning. Strange.

Condoleezza Rice says that “we try and spread freedom and democracy through the world” and “expand “freedom and liberties” to places where they have not existed before” (CNN) when what that actually means is this “Look at what we’ve done to Iraq – we’ve not only got rid of the guys in charge, we’ve also completely screwed the country too. Wanna piece of that action ??”.
The single most dangerous country in the world today is the USA. They have not waiting, they are not on the defensive, they are not after anything other than spreading what they want all over the place, and they are shooting / bombing / killing first. Questions ? What are they exactly ? There are no questions, they just cannot exist. And all the while, Anthony Blair QC is nodding, agreeing and prostrating himself in front of his US masters.

Question: How exactly would / could you libel a politician ?

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  1. I’m a fan of Blair. right or wrong I still think he believed what he was told and there was a danger. Course everybody knows differently now but at least he stood up for his convictions at the time. I think one of the most telling statements was “What would you have said if I did nothing and something happened?”


    Saying that though I am going to be watching VERY closely. I consider Blair a bit of a clever man as well as a good politican – I’m not a good politician…I speak my mind 😉 But I expect him to say to the Americans by word or action “You guys fecked up, and we’re in a terrible mess. You’re going to have to do something extraordinary to get me involved in something else”. I want to see strength from him in that. I don’t want him to blindly follow the Bush Lunatic Asylum…and if there is a hint he is…then he may as well pack his bags and move out. Screw the whole plan of him trying to keep the major powers unified. You don’t follow a maniac over the cliff. If the Americans want to adopt an isolationist policy then fuck em (pardon the French) they had a responsibility as the most powerful nation in the world…but responsibility doesn’t give them the right.

    According to Bush, his cronies and their policies, there should be American troops on the ground in Belfast and in the fields of Armagh….can’t see that happening though can you…

  2. I do not believe Blair.
    I do not believe that he had any convictions at the time apart from “They say, I do” and that the roots of that go back behind Iraq. As I mentioned a few days ago, the Hutton report made no mention of a “Rockingham” report which was part of the Blair administration.

    I also think he will – personally – follow them through the fire, across the minefield and then over the cliff. Which is why the party will get rid of him and ostensibly make a policy shift.

    Sooner is more definitely better.

    And your example of NI is spot-on. As would be Cuba, Haiti, Algeria, Ohio – anywhere in fact where elections were said to be dodgy, if at all existent.

  3. Name one politician you do believe.

    Nature of the game. S’pose you can believe Bush when he says he’s going to bomb the hell out of Someplace in the land of Everywhere..but that’s a different kettle of fish.

    You know what’s scary though? Who’d replace him (Blair)? I think Brown is an arse and he seems to adopting this ‘smarmy touchy feely PR’ thing that Blair has down pat. Now Blair you can see is quite natural at it (which isn’t really a good thing) but on Brown it just looks so wrong and false. I’d prefer him to be a bit more honest, and his natural self like his mentor (remember John Smith?). You’ll notice I didn’t mention the others parties – Tories and Liberals…Howard or Kennedy? Per-lease 🙂

    Or maybe we’ll move back to Ireland and just have old Bertie to deal with 🙂 Or even better I’ll wake up and get to pick a good politician instead of the best of the worst…

  4. American “freedom” in Iraq is all about the multi-billion dollars worth of contracts to “rebuild” Iraq’s infrastructure and economy. Unfortunately, Iraq is about to become SO dependent upon US companies in the short term that it will take them 30 years to dig themselves out from under all of that corporate control.

    Corporate America owns the Senate and the Whitehouse. The US has become a society of consumers. They make very little, so every opportunity they have to create new markets for their stuff they will take it.

    Iran is next. I suspect that before the end of 2005 American tanks and helicopters will spill over the border to take control of Tehran. When the US says it wants to “spread democracy” I automatically think of a virus. Also, American democracy is NOT the only model of democracy in the world, and SHOULD NOT be applied like a coat of paint over any society that has lived under the rule of dictators. They must be allowed to grow their own democracy.

    US foreign policy is a plague.

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