Gmails and Upgrades

Thanks to some excellent feedback – names later – the Upgrade guide has had a makeover. It has also moved from where it was (or more accurately I have uploaded to a new location) so if you have done it and want another peek, or were going to and would like to compare both versions, drop me an email for the location.

And speaking of emails, I’ve noticed I have FIFTY gmail invites to give away. 50 ! Like I have THAT many friends ! So, I’m going to chuck them in the direction of one of the free gmail sites in chunks at a time. If you want one before they all go, just comment here with a valid email address in the correct field.

Quick Tip: Eating a whole packet of Liquorice Allsorts takes your appetite away 🙂

7 thoughts on “Gmails and Upgrades

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  2. Yeah, I had 50 earlier too. I gave some away and then dumped a few at those “free” sites myself. At this point, the invite thing seems kind of pointless, especially given their reasoning of “we can’t handle a large influx of users”.

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