10 thoughts on “I got spammed !

  1. Make it go away!!
    The net is evil, but I kind of like my blog 🙁
    poker is evil, ban it.
    Also, that moderation list, the huge one, how do you use it? :$ It’s not carriage return seperated, so my list doesn’t like it……

  2. Well it’s only really your first line of defence that got bypassed, but you didn’t really get spammed because Spaminator picked it up. If you don’t have it set to mail you (I don’t) then you wouldn’t know about it.

    The secret to block them is in your raw logs…

  3. I got hit today with about 25 kill messages from Spaminator… /agreed: Kitten rules. I just deleted them en masse, but am definately considering disabling the “mail me kill messages’ option in the spaninator config. Props to Mark for all you do for WP too! (=

  4. How do you feel about blocking with .htaccess?

    I’ve been messing around with these comment spammers for months now. I tried many different plug-ins and was having success in keeping them out of my blogs… but not out of my referral logs or my gmail trash folder.

    So I started studying my referral logs and noticed a good number of common partial URLs. I then started researching information on this and I’ve put together an .htaccess that has kept the spammers off my site, completely.

    Actually, I am in the middle of writing a detailed post about my sources of information.

    Since I have implemented the new .htaccess, I have had ZERO comment spam. None. Not on my referral logs. Not in my trash folder. ~knocks wood~

    If you want to see it, let me know.

  5. @MsCantBeWrong – I was blocking around 160,000 IP addresses. I removed that. I could well replace it.

    The reason I mentioned it here was not the fact that I had got spam as such (no big deal really) but that the spammers had managed to work around a neat linux fluke in my blog name and the way it is interpreted which, up to now, had thwarted them.

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