Upgrade guide v2

Upgrade guide v2 written – needs testing. I have done, but when you write things you aren’t best placed to see the holes……so it’s over to you 🙂
– you MUST use a 1.2.x testblog (not because it will detonate your words, but because then we don’t need to trouble-shoot any mistakes of mine, we can just delete the blog)
– chuck me an email to one of my addresses and I’ll send you the url and some brief instructions. Do not comment here and say “Yo, I’ll do it” okay ?
– a few of you 🙂

Update: this means that if you want to help, please let me know.

Update #2: with gratitude to several people who I shall thank soon, the guide has been tested successfuly and I’ve had some great feedback. There is still some testing being done, plus some reviewing before a definitive version, but for now I don’t need any more helpers. To those of you who have helped and are helping in some way, Thank You.

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