Blair and Bush take Iraq

Started to read this the other day, and not unpredictably, it begins with Iraq. Scary shit … not Iraq – good grief no – but what passes for our Govt and what was certainly my ‘cosy’ view of the world order and where this country sat in that arena. Fact is, it’s at the bottom. And it’s not just Blair – though it does have to be said that Anthony Blair QC is an out-and-out liar.

If you google for the “Rockingham Report”, you’ll get around 14,500 pages returned, and the top one (at least it’s #1 right now) is to a report carried in the Guardian entitled ‘The Public Must Look to What is Missing From the Report’. I was here when Hutton came out, I listened to him, read all the broadsheets about it, yet the existence of this report was given no noise at all. None. The amazing thing isn’t that this Rockingham project existed, it’s that all the British media completely failed – even the Guardian didn’t continue – to run damn hard with a story that essentially boils down to this : In 1991, the British Government decided that they wanted Iraq. You can check the date there – it is not 1891. That’s both Conservative AND Labour Govt’s who have not just deceived the public, they have actually broken the law.
The book above makes the point that Tony Blair (That’s the liar running the UK) and some of his ministers have to be quite careful where they go now – there are some countries in the world that wish to try them as War Criminals – that doesn’t get a whole lot of press here either does it ?

I’m not stupid enough to think that all Govt’s are pure and law-abiding, but even so the way our recent history (from 1937 so far) is manipulated is astonishing, the way our media does little more than lap up what they are told, the way other countries are unable to inform us of what the so-called “British interests” are doing in our name because of the plain bullying that Britain does ……. horrendous.

And all in our name.