Chocolate Flu and Blackcurrants

It’s 10 days since ANY chocolate was eaten by me. I’m chewing (sugar-free) gum by the truckload, but no choc.

On the buses around here, there is a freebie newspaper “Metro”. Mildly diverting for a short journey which I guess is the aim of it in some ways, but wouldn’t it be oh-so-easy to load it with germs / bugs and then let it do it’s deadly mission all day long ? Fact is, everyone on YOUR bus could be totally healthy yet that newspaper acts as the agent of transmission between busloads does it not ? Okay, so other surfaces do as well, but not as many are touched so much and can guarantee hand to face / other skin type contact. Death by newspaper ……. conspiracy theory – you could wipe out a town with some strategic reading material (heh, they’d have to use comics in some towns 🙂 )

As I mentioned flu …… if you go into a Chemist and ask for “Apricot Cold Lozenges” or “Kiwi Hot Drink for Colds/Flu” you’ll get a blank look because you can’t find them.
Why ?
Who was it dictated that when we have colds, we can have only Lemon or Blackcurrant ? ‘Vitamin C’ you say … ‘rubbish’ I reply … we’ve known about the vitamin content of fruits for a long time now (even potatoes have Vit C but you can’t get “Spud Juice for Colds” can you ?) so why, given our knowledge, have the cold-cure quacks (for that is what they are) not produced a better range of fruity flavours for our predicament ? Tastebuds ? That’s a possible argument as the Kiwi is somewhat of a gentler flavour than a full-on lip-curling teeth-chattering lemon, but even so, it’s not even like these things have really even been near a fruit is it ? I want “Apricot & Peach Flavour” please.

As I mentioned Apricot & Peach …….. my favourite baby food – apart from the supreme ruler of all foods baby Rusks – is the Apricot & Peach pudding. Not the custard one, the puree type affair. I was looking for rusks the other week while shopping, and saw all these rows of those tiny little jars and then I forgot to buy one. I have not the faintest idea what my favourite savoury food as a kid was, but pudding ? Apricot & Peach – no contest. I cannot imagine for even a moment that someone would say “Hey, my fav was Cauliflower Cheese !”. That would just not happen. What was your favourite ?

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