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It’s been annoying me for a while that just so I can use Mediawiki, I have had to have xampp churning away in the background. So about a week ago, I stopped xampp kicking in on Windows startup. I went wiki-less for a week…. and I noticed 3 things:
– I didn’t miss the wiki as much as I thought
– I was using Notepad++ much much more for notes
– The machine was a tad quicker

So…..that Ruby stuff I downloaded a while ago ? I plonked that in. Also got Instiki up and running (Nice ? It’s lovely !!) and I compared processes.
Apache (running twice for some reason), mysqld.exe = around 30meg of memory.
Ruby <10meg.
No contest really – xampp stays for WordPress stuff and anything else that needs PHP, but for a wiki, it’s Ruby all the way.

Oh yes.. and looking around at Ruby stuff, I came across Pimki as a wiki with added extras (so to speak) and for the first time I installed something by command line. OOOhhhhhhh!!!! Yea yea I know it’s now big deal to any *nix geeks out there, but I ain’t a geek and I have so far managed to duck away from the dark alley that is the commandline (maybe if that window was in a pastel shade, with a nice Tahoma font it wouldn’t seem as scary ?). I couldn’t get Pimki to run until I’d stopped Instiki, and I couldn’t figure how to do that (Ctrl-Alt-Del did the trick – I know I should rtfm) but in the end it’s all running and looking luverly.

Python is installed too. Clicked the installer, and the usual Window grey box appears. It said “Status: Pondering……..” 🙂 I like that.

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  1. “yea I know it’s now big deal to any *nix geeks out there”

    You’ll be wanting to watch those typos if you’re joining us on the command line, or you’ll be rm -r / before you know it.

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