Sitting with ladies who lunch

P has garnered a stack of merits again so it’s my turn to trip over the school and play dutiful parent and applaud as the awards are given out. Not that I mind – I certainly do not – but the whole thing is just so not me. There’s me, dressed in combats, black t-shirt, stretched earlobes, slightly wayward hair, piercings ….. and I’m surrounded by “ladies who lunch”. Freaky. (Them – not me !) And I do have to go as well .. the MonSter is back again.

I am reclaiming my IM later …. if you use it you’ll see the new away message.

I’ve also got some really cool stuff happening here (well – I think it’s cool) but I can’t say what it is for a while yet … most good though ! Apologies for the cryptic nature, and I’d love to shout it (and then most of you would say “Yea, so ..???”) but that might tempt fate, so mouse-like on that I remain.

WordPress …. got a 1.2 / 1.2.1 / 1.2.2 blog ? I’ve written a first draft of an upgrade guide to 1.5 and it needs testing. Involved would be doing a (full – sql and files) copy of your blog, then following what I’ve done with a view the finding the gaps. If you are up for it, chuck an email my way ? I only need one person this time, but I’ll need a couple more once the first test has been done and the more obvious holes are plugged. Update: Position filled 🙂

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