Cool Stuff…..

Ever been to orisinal : Morning Sunshine ? It’s the home of THE best little flash games site, and now, it just got all smudgy – you can send flowers from there too. (Kudos to D for sending me some earlier – she’s off school poorly (she tells me the mouse isn’t too heavy though) and she emailed me some 🙂 )

Found this in a UKBlogs feed, clicked it and by the time I went back for the source it had dropped off the bottom (I need to learn how to archive stuff with Abilon). Anyway, it’s Pixel Moon and it’s really cool ! Find loads of stuff and this guy has a few items to try and find too.

A HTML encoder … similar to one I’d like as a WP plugin … hint hint anyone ?

MoonEdit – lots of people, one document, edit it together. I would imagine that in any given group, someone using this must get incredibly annoyed as the chance to exert all the “office politics” or “geek hierarchy” gets expressed.

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