Blogs & Paedophilia

Just seen, through UKBlogs at is this inanity reported from BBC Scotland.
Online journals and camera phones are a “paedophiles’ dream” which have increased the risk to children”

“Dr O’Connell is director of research at Central Lancashire University’s Cyberspace Research Unit. …. said there was “absolutely no internet safety information or guidance whatsoever” on most blogging sites as their whole point was about giving out personal information.

“It’s going to become a huge issue,” she said. ” She even points the finger at RSS and tries to blame THAT !

Pardon me Dr O’Connell, but was there a bet in your office this morning about getting into the news the fastest ? FFS, crawl back under your rock will you ?

Labour committee convener Pauline McNeill said: “It takes it to a whole new dimension for us – I’m beginning to wonder if we’ve really begun to tackle the protection of children with the bill before us.” Guess who wants a better position there eh Tony ? So now even the ruling political party are starting to draw a line between a blog and sexually deviant behaviour ?? what you going to do ? Stop kids blogging ? Stop kids accessing the internet ? Stop blogs ??

Apparently, this O’Connell is “A forensic psychologist”. So she’s a psychologist and she works on the legal side of things with mentally impaired offenders. I have met many many psychologists, and NOT A SINGLE ONE can tell you why you do what you do when you do it. It’s ALL guesswork. Get enough together and you may possibly get a consensus (“Yup, he lifted that can and drank from it because he was thirsty”) but much more than that ?

It’s all smoke and mirrors.

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  1. Actually,

    I don’t think this report is completely unfounded. But, what it fails to take into account is this: At what age do people generally start blogging ? I would say in general the minimum age for a blogger is 15. There will be the occational precocious 13 or 14 year old blogger, but most kids younger than 15 probably don’t have the patience or interest in blogging. And I’m sorry, but when I think of the word paedophile I think of some old geezer and a 9 or 10 year old. Frankly, 16 year old girls ARE cute, and everybody knows it, though not everyone will admit it. 16 old boys are cute too. I remember when I was 16 …. I was perfectly capable of deciding what I did and did not want to do with my body with someone else. We have to get over this idea that 16 year old kids are completely helpless and can be totally manipulated by weird 30 old men trying to get in their pants. Many of us were smoking pot and drinking Bud at 16, and were more than willing to tell 30 old men to go fuck themselves and drive the message home by slamming a beer can into their car if they approached us.

    Having said that … if one overlooks the entire history of mankind … I have this weird feeling 16 year olds have had sex plenty of times, and to little ill effects.

    Our entire culture (that being Western culture in general) is positively obsessed with sex, and in defining who can and can not engage in it. This obsession is no doubt driven by the US of A.

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