Stuff done so far

  1. 2 12mm barbells inserted in the scrotal area. Pain free, no bleeding, job well done. Amusing part was the Brian did the first piercing, withdrew the needle, snipped the needle sheath then released the clamp to do the second piercing. At that point, the area there decided it was under attack, and the call to head for the bunkers was put out. Brian therefore had much less skin with which to work for the second piercing. Anyway, 3-4 weeks, get’em healed then get a couple more.
  2. The .htaccess that did cover this site did block around 160,000 IP addresses. That has now gone. I am – as of right now – blocking no IP’s. Instead, I have 99 User-Agents blocked. It’s tricky to tell if the site is a touch slower in appearing or not, but at least the .htaccess isn’t breaking it. Oh, and I’ll still block idiots very very happily. Update:I have no idea if it was the case as the main server this sits on seems to have gone for a walk, but after I applied the .htaccess, access here became treacle-like. So nothing is blocked. I’m going to watch ……
  3. Some older and some largely unread links gone. New link added is Technovia. I haven’t got a mac, and some things really are quite geeky indeed (but that’s the point I think), but Ian’s linking is cool, I like the writing style and I read (check) the site every day. That’s what linking is about isn’t it ? If you’ve got a mac I assume you read him already, and if you don’t, you should be.
  4. bri – It has a Panda on a ladder
  5. Lovefreekz – Shine – mp3 – Repeat play 🙂 🙂

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