Thought: Coffeebars

Something in TV made me wonder ….. so what’s the answer ?

You go into a coffeebar that does Wifi. You open up the laptop and start doing whatever … and then you realise you need the loo. What do you do ?
If you leave the laptop someone could pinch it.
If you leave the laptop your data could be spied on (unless you do a screenlock type thing)
So do you take it loo with you ?
Do these places have Kensington locks handy ?
If you don’t need the loo because you aren’t on long enough because of the cost, if they made it free you’d have an issue then wouldn’t you ?

An enquiring mind needs to know !

4 thoughts on “Thought: Coffeebars

  1. I bring my own kensington combo lock with me everywhere, and when I’m in a coffeehouse or similar, I lock it to as many chairs as I’m not using at my table. My reasoning is that anyone who wanted my laptop would likely be stopped by a barista for stealing chairs. 🙂 As far as data theft is concerned, I’ve only recently been concerned with that, and I can easily enough lock the system 🙂 Even when I’m at work I use the kensington lock, because it prevents people from being tempted.

    cheers! 🙂

  2. I’d say it varies greatly from region to region, as well as your location in the coffee shop. I was at my favorite spot recently and I was mostly seperated from the rest of the joint up on a balcony where there are only three tables. I simply locked my screen and walked away for a few minutes. I do live in what I would call a mostly trustworthy community though and I laugh at what one of the local teeny-bopper types would do with a Linux laptop… But, I would be much less likely to do so in a larger metropolitan area.

  3. it’s sort of similar, when i’m on the train and i need the loo i take my pooter with me. i know there isn’t anywhere for it to go but it isn’t mine so i need to make sure nothing bad happens to it.

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