Giving Credit

Finally got round today to doing a list of the plugins and gubbins that gets this thing into wherever it is that it is and keeps it there. So if you feel so inclined, you can glance at the About T2 page. There are a couple of things on there that should save a few questions too.

The question below …. it wasn’t aimed so much at you, but those around you.
How much would they have to pay for your personal happiness ? We all like to think that winning millions would do the trick (it would not), we like to think that we would take an opportunity to gain personal happiness (but I don’t think we do) , that others would be happy for us and want us to be happy (but are they merely masking their sadness ?). So I think that the question below, while answerable when you think of it, is unanswerable some time later.
We are strange creatures.

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