Shine on Sunday

If it were possible, that video below would now be worn out. I should therefore be grateful to the technology that not only created it but also the extra bit that meant I could save streamed media.
Daft thing is, you can’t buy that video at that size, yet the players on the sites with it are only using streaming to show it, so you cannot then save the thing for your own viewing pleasure. What do they think we’ll do ? Keep going back to the Virgin site to see it (and use their bandwidth) and while we wait for it to load we’ll click some ads ? Stupid people.
I used a nifty program called getASFstream which just has to be damn good because I cannot read Japanese but I can get this working. It, and some other useful utility programs, can be found splashed all over this page.

(Still haven’t found a full screen version 😉 )

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4 thoughts on “Shine on Sunday

  1. If you’re looking for a version of the movie that has the same resolution as your screen, I don’t think you’ll find one. Your best bet is to output the signal to a TV, which (due to their low resolution) make most pretty crappy (technically) movies look half decent. Either that or just run it in full screen and watch from a few metres back.

    In regard to capturing a stream, I reackon that if they’re letting you see it you can save it for later. Save principle as the VCR.

  2. It is the same principle .. sort of from what I found.
    I’ll happily dig into the cache and rename files (Firefox could do better job there), but even with IE, the file was called with a code of some sort in the url. So even when I correctly ID’d the fact it was a
    .wmv it still would not play in either Media player or Irfanview. I guess there was some codec info in the stream/url. Either way, to grab it I had to use the tool I mention.
    With lesser stuff, just grabbing files is easy enough but this media stuff is trickier – ooooh..can’t we all just wait for the Media Center.

    And a better res ? I think it exists …

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