New Piercing

So far today I’ve been really lazy. Yup. I haven’t gone to the forums and answered posts, I haven’t answered several Gmails about WP, I haven’t been out and done a few bits, and I haven’t started work on a tutorial for upgrading WP. (Yes, know the other one exists but this is literally a step by step). Oh yes, and I haven’t found ways to snag and save streamed media.
Nope, none of that stuff. Far to lazy.

What I did do though was give myself a frenum piercing. Amazingly painfree – to the extent that more are most certainly on the cards – and surprisingly little blood. I’ve got a couple of needles (one is even sterile !) and a bunch of little bars …. but I don’t like 1.6 as a start size, 2.4 being much better. Maybe I’ll go see the guys and try and blag some freebies. Having said that, it’s going to be very very tricky to get them all to line up. And if you are wondering what a frenum piercing is …. NSFW ! BME Link

9 thoughts on “New Piercing

  1. @James … assuming you didn’t mean what Shadow did :razz:, what did you mean ? And as for Tortoise if you are new to WP, I’d not use Tortoise.
    partly because getting CVS code means you run the risk of it all breaking, but also becuse 1.5 is not yet well supported.

    If you really want to know though, I’ll do a page.

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