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I’ve been asked 3 times (I think) if I will form a partnership type thing with someone to assist them on a WP venture, with my role being everything software basically. I’ve said yes every time. I’ve asked for some ideas on workload, projections – pretty basic stuff – and every time that has been forthcoming. One case I thought was outlandish in their claims, others not so. Anyway, I then asked about conditions…..after all, they were hiring me on the basis of my WP forum work yet I did not know them, or of them (save in one case) to sufficiently trust them. I also made three things crystal clear: (1) That I would not hide or disguise my involvement in the project and (2) That my work in the WP forums would continue unabated and (3) As a gesture of goodwill, and seeing as they not only held the purse strings but I also had a reputation to maintain, they purchase an item of my choosing from Amazon to be shipped to me. (With the figures these people were talking about, the items were around what I was being told I would be paid for one months work, so not excessive to me). You won’t be too amazed to know that no-one has agreed to those terms, or even attempted to negotiate them. (I can be bought, you just have to pay me more 😉 )

My quicktags are annoying me…..I need to change things.

I got a new book to read… I actually went in for Zeldman but nowhere in this city has it.