I’ve not read the comments (44 right now) but I agree with pretty much everything in this A step toward solving comment spam ? and while it’s not blogging specific, this post at Slashdot, which concerns “some (alleged) spammers are suing some poor chap who got them blocked by ISPs due to the fact they kept sending him spam” should be cause for concern. As a Brit, and seeing some of the dafter judgements that emanate from some US states, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the spammer was given damages. And a T1 line.

Hey…it’s only blogging – there really are more important thing in life you know.

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  1. Spam really is a hassle. I set up a ring of WordPress blogs for the school I work at and my only hope is that they are so obscure (and don’t ping pingomatic etc.) that they will remain somewhat undiscovered. Simply processing the few calls for moderation that slip by spaminator etc. on my main blog can be an annoyance, but I don’t mind since I’m grateful to the vast quantities of deleted comments that those plug-ins save me. As a usa-citizen living in california, I agree our laws can be pretty weird, but I don’t predict any sanctioning of the “poor victimized spammers” who filed suit as you reported, especially considering modern successes of anti-spam laws, even though they’re mostly email oriented.

    I’m seeing a new version of spam on my blog too now, (probably old to you) where they just leave an email (no hyperlink) in hopes of improving their karma or favor with my site, along with some weird pseudo-grammatical splurb of praise. I was baffled at first, but googling their email addresses served very informative.

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