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Down on the right of the sidebar is my Technorati list. I really like this – it’s a small script from the talented Mark of WLT fame. It shows which blogs have mentioned here or linked to here and I’ve come across some useful blogs this way as they have mentioned here as a result of my guides. Anyway, I like it………..and I might yet get rid.
Go look closely – there is a link right now to advancedbusinessblogging. It’s some sort of wierd site that sells crap … yet they link to me, the Technorati tags AS IT STANDS carries no ‘nofollow’ tag (I will correct this forthwith!) so they are already trying to leech from whatever pagerank I have to boost themselves. Going to their page, they also link elsewhere .. odd that some others will not link back using the same script – or is that the referers junk again ?

Expect breakage…..Done.
I’ve posted the fix to WLTC and the forums.
.phps file can be downloaded here:

(Post updated to fix validation issues)

3 thoughts on “no nofollow ?

  1. David – It’s not my script to pass on, and while I’m sure that Mark would not mind if I did, I would much prefer that he take the credit for his work directly. In the script above, all I have added is a few characters 🙂

    I have emailed Mark though, and pointed him at this post.

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