The Stupid Stuff

Stupidity of the day1
On Channel 5’s “The Wright Stuff”, a pre-adbreak question:
How many people quit the city for the country each year ?

  • 5,000
  • 50,000
  • 115,000

What an utterly pointless question (as are most of his).
So what if the answer is 50,000 ? If the number of people that move the other way is 49,998, then the net answer is TWO.
What does he mean by ‘quit’ ? Does that mean people commuting out for the night ?
Does he mention how many people from the country move into the city ? No, he does not.
Does this mean we have massive job vacancies in the city ?
Are there openings for human shepherds in the fields and valleys ?

The question, by it’s phrasing, has an agenda – it seeks to portray an exodus, it carries a political meaning, yet the way it is phrased will dupe the fools (not hard though …) into continuing to agree with whatever political views Matthew Wright actually has.

Not that I give a sh*t, but I do wish people would look past the simplistic.

1 It’s early. I could yet better this, but I hope not.