The Rolling Stones

Very interesting post over at The Register regarding the new Microsoft anti-spyware program (which I’ve not run yet, trusting adaware, spybot and a couple of others instead).

We had a snowflake earlier. Just the one.

Today is make a list and plod through it …. seems to have built up again, as it does. And finding the images I need for the tattoo is proving to be a tad trickier than I thought.

3 thoughts on “The Rolling Stones

  1. It snowed for about an hour down here, but it didn’t settle in my village. The hills were covered in it though, and so where the Landrovers coming down into the square.

    That Microsoft article is indeed very interesting, though it makes me wonder what the situation will be with Longhorn in the future. Surely, this will give them a better idea who is genuinely using a licensed copy of Windows and thus offer them special upgrade discounts when they go to scan for virus/spy ware. Maybe this would allow them to accelerate the death of the older versions of Windows and push people to Longhorn. Which will of course be even more network-aware, and also I suspect pirate-aware.

    Of course I won’t know. I won’t be buying…. :yawn:

    PS: What’s the link with the Rolling Stones? Did I miss something?

  2. There are several Microsoft downloads that require you to use GenuineCheck.exe. PhotoStory (?) is one of them. In fact Microsoft AntiSpyware doesn’t require you to validate your copy – at least it didn’t when I got my copy. At that point anyway there was a button that allowed you to get your copy without the validation. I must look again on another machine.

    I tried the Spyware programme, and got no hits. I never get many with Spbot or Adaware either, so that’s nothing new. My computers are fairly well locked down and although we are prolific surfers and downloaders we don’t get too many problems (touch wood, she hastens to add ;))

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