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Ruby Tuesday (for cjp 😉 )

Chrys (in #wordpress) mentioned Instiki as a sound alternative to Mediawiki which I have running so late last night, I downloaded and installed ruby. And that’s about as far as it got.
I’ve got Instiki, I’ve installed Ruby. What I seem to be lacking here is a friendly GUI. I like them, I’m used to them, I can work with them, I need them. I think it’s because I’m having a “stupid day”, because following this abortive attempt at playing with software, I grabbed Dokuwiki and made a hash of the CSS there too. Installation was easier than something very easy indeed, but could I get the CSS right ? Could I hell – I broke it in all the wrong ways, which is unlike me with CSS really …. the page creation seems a bit different to mediawiki too, but it looks like a goer … unless this ruby stuff suddenly pokes me and says “Hey! I’m easy 😉 ”

2 thoughts on “And the track was

  1. Aha! I saw The Rolling Stones at Twickenham a while back -absolutely amazing! 😀

    Anyway, I remembered I downloaded a (free) book on Ruby programming a while back. Haven’t actually got round to reading it yet, but you can read it online here:

    And download it here:

    Might be worth checking out, though you might already have seen it. I dunno, but I do know that I’m tired and am off to bed! :yawn:

  2. Mark,

    Kitten has written a Podcaster with Ruby. Seems she likes that language quite a bit, and I’m sure you’ll see more from her in the future.

    I’m going to give Docuwiki a shot. Anything that I don’t have to install a database for will be a nice change! LMAO!

    Cheers, mate!

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