Side effects are bad

Yup, the new side effects are foul, especially when I feel better, think it’s all okay for the day and then get whacked.

“Under the bonnet” changes here so if any errors – including validation – rear their heads, I’d be grateful if you could let me know. The changes, while small, should help with bandwidth issues though I’m not getting too anal about those issues quite yet. Anyone who has commented here before this entry want trade .htaccess files ? (For the record, I am currently banning 155,462 IP addresses from seeing this domain. There are dozens of other IP’s on the “Shoot to kill” comment spam list).
Emails from the contact form are now going to my Gmail address – I was aware that I was giving my “real” address out a bit too much so this should sort that out. Also, apart from comments, any mail to this domain only now gets checked twice a day (there will be the odd exception). If you want a quick reply, send the mail to the Gmail address tamba2 at gmail dot com.

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