A productive Sunday

Considering I woke this morning feeling like Death warmed up, it’s been quite productive.

If you want to test your blog for it’s ability to send and also receive pingbacks and trackbacks, I’ve installed two blogs just for that purpose over in the WordPress Guides section. It’s not picky though – lesser blogging tools could also use it. I’ll see how it goes and how often I need to clear it out over a month or so – there’s abuse potential there. Some minor editing also done on several files in that area.

Many many themes downloaded into XP here through the day after I availed myself of a small patch to assist in the process and I’m flicking between several as I try to make a choice. Oddly, I can’t find a decent green one.

There’s other stuff too …. which may or may not be written about here.

And it’s late – I need to go buy a Mars Bar !

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