Bits and Bobs

Bits that I wanted to post:

1. I’m going to try this from about 7pm tonight. WP Live Help. Feeling altruistic ? Join me ?

2. If you are in the UK and use WP, get yourself on this map !. Chuck me an email !

3. If you aren’t lucky enough to live in the UK, but want to be on the global map, chuck me an email too !

4. Like Matt, but a day or too earlier and for different reasons, I removed all anti-spam measures here. Some of you may know the way it has been prevented before. Then I got a spam comment. What was interesting was that it wasn’t like the 5 I had in all of last year – they concerned porn. This one was the generic ‘Southern US state’ type stuff. It was caught, and it never made it to the page, but it was interesting to note that it had got past my original prevention. This is the first to have done that. Needless to say, Kitten’s Spaminator is now scoping all comments and has a load of “Shoot to kill” orders.

5. Got a candle ?

Hidden characters here I hope