A war over dirt

I mentioned below about the Horizon programme which covered global dimming and global warming, and in a nutshell if you didn’t see it, if nothing is done, the World starts cooking on High in less than 30 years.
The issues it highlighted were that we cannot cut pollution as that will cause the ‘greenhouse effect’ to accelerate, so at the same time as the skies are being cleaned of pollutants, we need to tackle the greenhouse gases and global warming. IF that happens, and IF action starts soon enough, we stand a chance.

But we don’t, do we ?

Unless you are a certifiable fool of the highest order, you know that the wars of GWB are sod all to do with freedoms and everything to do with a long-term energy policy of “If it powers, it belongs to the US”. Keep that in mind ……
So, the world’s scientists get together and say we need to clean the skies of the stuff I mentioned. It’s a two-pronged approach – clean what’s there and stop more getting there. Firstly, it won’t be the “world’s scientists” will it ? It will be scientists from predominantly the developed world. Convincing all the Govts to take the electorally unpopular measures (it’ll probably involve cars) will be a herculean task. Govts may decide to build more nuclear power stations, and we all know how much the population love those. So far though, it’s not impossible. Bloody difficult yes, but not impossible.

Now for this next part, the West needs to forget that airline travel is phenomenally polluting. Given relative populations, it’s almost a western exclusive.

So…… lots of action needs to be taken. By everyone.
But certain Western Govts will look at some developing economies and tell them that they need to curb what they are doing, introduce controls, do as they are told. This will be Western Govts who can afford to build alternative power sources, Govts who will not curb airline travel, Govts who realise that if they really do try to do what the scientists want, they will be thrown out of office – as will any party who actually tries to do something affirmative. And by then, the likes of GWB will have gathered as much as possible for his country, his people, and NO-ONE else.
Better instead to thrash the developing countries – after all they don’t vote here for a start, they have little economic impact and with the media becoming ever more selective (Fox News UK WILL happen) they can do this.
But then into that, add the fact that some parties in these developing countries will take any such moves as being the US trying to exert their superiority (!!) and you’ve got another war on your hands. At some point, even the Govts won’t be able to disguise what the wars are about will they ?

Millions of years this rock orbits the sun, and humans break it in 200 years. Yup, that’s intelligence eh ?