Apple now selling ….

It wouldn’t bloody matter would it ?
Some people will fall over their tongues drooling at anything at all that Apple produce, while others who can afford the iPods and Dual G5 will scorn the plebs who want to be part of the crowd and Apple’s attempts to go ‘downmarket’.
Anyone who posts like this will be scorned as someone who has no taste, no appreciation of the “finer” things in life and also as that lowest of pond life – a Windows user.

If Amstrad had produced a 240 song, Flash only, “cannot choose the order of play” MP3 player today, no-one would give a damn regardless of how good it looked or how brilliantly it functioned.

Get over it FFS..

Update: LOVE THIS !

Update#2: iTunes ? iDontThinkSo

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  1. Sorry but I’m going to be excited about these announcements for a few days yet and I don’t see why I should get over it.

    I’m also not going to scorn you for being a windows user either. Because I’ve still got my windows box sitting next to me. Not all Mac users are raging fanboys and both sides of the OS debate have their fair share of those.

    No-one would care about Amstrad – well because face it their products and marketing suck (have they done anything well since the PC1512 back in ’86?).

    I can’t see the iPod Shuffle being that attractive to anyone who already owns an iPod – but when you consider that it’s also a Flash memory stick and then look at the current prices of those. Jobs said that 29% of the mp3 player market is flash based – and Apple wants a piece of that. I’d buy the shuffle mainly as a memory stick because it’s comparable in price – but also because of the build quality (I’ve lost count of the memory sticks I’ve had that have gone boom). But also being able to throw an album on is a great benefit. Don’t think that not being able to choose individual songs is a drawback – it’s not needed. When I’m walking with the iPod I always create a long playlist because it’s a pain in the arse to change songs. That’s great thinking on Apples part.

    It’s hype. But Apple are extremely good at it and they can back it up a lot of the time. It may be distasteful to you, but who does it hurt?

  2. It hurts no-one 🙂

    I was just amazed yesterday at the sheer ‘fanboyism’ that literally swept the places I viewed. It was sycophancy of tne highest order, and while some people will indeed fall over while they marvel at this apparent innovation, others like me will pop the bubble because Windows users or not, it’s hype.
    I’ll take a pop at hype anywhere – this time it happens to be Apple’s turn. The Ad link I just posted makes me laugh.

    In the same way that Windows Media Center is scorned simply because of the table from which it comes, these white plastic kits are hailed as tne next revelation of the digital age.
    Hardly ….

    And your point about Amstrad is precisely what I meant. Amstrad really could release something fantastic and it would be ignored, while Apple could (did just ?) release something not so great and Jobs gets his ass praised off.

    I never did get the ‘Labels’ thing ….

  3. I am looking forward to the Mac mini for my folks. For what they use a computer it’s better suited, and now it’s financially viable. And I very rarely look at the screen of my iPod (it’s an old 2nd gen one), I just shove it in my pocket.

    But I do agree with the hype. Like so much in the States right now, there is a definitive lack of substance.

  4. Well you see with Windows media centre – thats just an OS. Depends on the vendor what hardware you get with it, which is why you get some poor incarnations. With the Mac mini – its a Mac so it runs well and comes with OSX and that makes it superbly versatile for whatever task you want to use it with. You pulled a good comparison though. A lot of people are thinking of the mini as a competitor for cheap PC’s…but it’s the media centre where it’ll really find it’s mark.

    It’s not all fanboy-ism with Mac though. Remember when the iPod was first launched it was greeted with a lot of laughing and pointing. Now every other manufacturer is playing catch up and you have to admit it’s changed popular culture a tad.

    Draw comparisons with Bill Gates keynote. There was nothing new there. A lot of talk about media centres and HDTV – which means nothing to us in the UK because I don’t think that’s being broadcast until 2006. You also have the worry that Bill Gates is going full pelt for crippling DRM (all open source is communism quip?) so there are going to be a lot of people looking to Steve jobs for innovation. When have we had anything ‘new’ from Microsoft? It’s not just MS bashing – a lot of it is because nothing new has come along for a long, long time. Longhorn is still eons away and what we have now just doesn’t work well.

    I’d love Amstrad to release something fantastic and I don’t think it would be ignored…granted I’d have to pick myself off the floor in shock 😉 But it really has to be innovative. An email phone?? When text messaging is enormous? Per-lease 🙂

    I suppose it also boils down to the fact that for years people have been saying to Apple ‘Make ’em cheaper and stripped down!” and Steve jobs wasn’t going to have any of it…well he’s done it now and that in itself is something. And yeah I know what you mean about there being a certain image and ‘label’ thing around Mac…but it has some phenomenally good software

  5. “looking to Steve jobs for innovation.”
    Apple, iPod, downloading and playing music anywhere in anything.
    Apple, iSomething, iPondering on sites and then closing websites.
    Apple play as dirty and as hard as Microsoft do.

    I’m not saying that the product doesn’t do what it says, I’m not saying that Apple are crap.
    I AM saying that for some people you’d think that this company had invented something TOTALLY new – they haven’t.

    I know it may be financially a good deal in some ways (a switching box will be on the cards already by someone – until Apple hits them with lawsuits no doubt) but it’s still just a product, a shiny white product.

  6. Oh there’ll be some people with little apple logos tattooed on themselves and apple logos on their bedspreads etc, etc…and that’s down to hype and branding. I put Apple in the same league as the Irish Tourist Board if you know what I mean. a good proportion of Americans really want to be Irish 😉 Hmmm…U2…iPod….mebbe it’s the same people 😉

    I’m not saying anything is new. I could build a media center easily after gathering the bits. But it would be a bit cobbled together and probably with a horribly loud fan – jamming it into a small space case being an issue as well. I’d have to put Linux on it for flexibility as Media PC isn’t that flexible. Now you know yourself how much fun THAT would be to get working – especially if I picked an nvidia graphics card. Then Apple release a good looking (important for sticking next to the TV as far as MBH is concerned 😉 ) very quiet box at a comparable price that has a flexible OS already on it. It may not be ‘new’ but it is innovative as they’ve employed the same miniaturization technologies that the iPod utilized. Instead of building my own i would have hacked an xbox…but now I’m really excited about getting this Mac mini to do the job.

    That’s why I’m one of those going “Damn I want one of those”. That’s where the excitement comes from. There should be media center manufacturers looking at the Mac Mini and going “Oh sh…”

  7. I can’t disagree with your points there Gary – they make a lot of sense (esp the one involving YBH 🙂 )

    But….the vast majority of posts I saw yesterday were from the fanboys – sling an Apple logo on and they’ll pay huge for it. They’ll now use your points to justify their shallowness 🙂

  8. MBH was SO not interested about the releases yesterday. I tried to explain…but it fell on deaf ears 🙁 We only bought the Powerbook because she thought it was ‘pretty’ and her only complaint was whether the lit apple logo on the back of the screen could be pink…she is such a female sometimes 🙂 One guess what colour iPod mini I had to get her… 😉

    The fanboys…just ignore them, everyone else does no matter what they’re being a cheerleader for.

  9. i’m sort of excited about the shuffle, because it’s a relatively cheap mp3 player that will work with my mac, but it may still be out of my price range… and I’m pretty excited about every new computer toy that anyone releases, thinking through all the cool stuff I could do with it, including windows media center, until I learn the limitations, the sky’s the limit w/ my imaginings. I’m still trying to decide whether I like the windows media center edition, or if I think it’s too limited… I’d love to hear your thoughts on it though 🙂

  10. I might well buy one to sit atop my TV/HI-FI -coupled with apple’s $20 S-Video adapter it’s an ideal little media-centre. And with the ethernet connection & spare wireless usb keyboard I’ve got lying around, it’d be perfect for a bit of sofa web-surfing and email reading. Especially when I’m fighting with my dad over who gets to use the PC!

    Also, I might well install Linux on it anyway. It’d at least make it’d easier to take network control over-it for times when I don’t want to be in front of the tele using it.

    And it really is tiny, I just measured a box of fudge left lying around from xmas -and it is almost exactly the same size as the Mac mini. That really is damn small!

  11. I’m excited about the Mac mini because I can get it for my Mom and not worry about the machine become spyware infested and it’d be much easier to provide remote tech support. (She was on Windows, I switched her to Linux about half a year ago and she really hasn’t been happy with the experience.)

  12. Ditto Matt’s comments. Also, MBH _hates_ the feel and ‘label’ of linux. I’ve got an iBook on the way which I’m sure she’ll fall in love with (just not too much – hopefully), then one of these MiniMacs would do her well.

    The TV’s hers most of the time anyway, just flick ‘channels’ to check her email… now that’s cool.

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