Had to return something today……very silly man behind counter.

No, I had not agreed to a licence when opening the item. I indicated the box and asked him to point out the seal. It was not there.

No, I do not want to pay a 10% charge because it is not broken. I want a refund because I specifically asked if the product could do a job, and I was told it could. But it could not. Therefore I was mis-sold and am entitled to a refund.

No, I am not willing to buy the extra memory. Buying that does not make what I bought a “bargain” does it ? And see my previous point anyway.

Yes, I can stand, wait and glare at you and the supervisor who seems to have his ass welded to the swivel chair behind the big glass window.

Yes, I will stand and firmly discuss my point of view, and no I am not shy about starting to raise my voice.

No, I will not disabuse you of your probable stereotypical view of people with visible tattoos and piercings. It suits me right now for you to think such things.

No, do not start to offer me a choice of a cash refund or something else. I gave you real money, I want real money back.

No, I shall not be returning to PC World in a hurry, though knowing that bit more than most of your box-shifters and therefore being able to probably use the ‘mis-selling’ tactic again could be useful.

Objective achieved.

2 thoughts on “PCWorld

  1. They’re not too smart in that place are they? My workmate told me today how his girlfriend bought a new Sony vaio laptop from there last week. Brought it home and they were happy with it, except….. the smart people at PC World didn’t put the power cord in the box.

    Naturally, they phone the store up and explained the situation, and bearing in mind they take your name and address as part of the purchase/receipt/guarantee process, they asked that PCW pop the cord in the post for an express parcel-force or DHL delivery as you would expect any company that values it’s customers would do.

    Of course not, they were told they had to send the laptop back to PC World at their own expense! Just to put a power cord in!

    In the end, they went back to the store and had it out with the manager. It seems to be the only way you can get things done in that place.

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