Jerry Jerry Jerry !

Huge deal about the BBC showing the musical ‘Jerry Springer’ (I’m not linking to any sites, just to be unbiased).
As an atheist, I couldn’t care less about whether or not some (apparently real at one time) bloke called Jesus Christ was or was not insulted last night (and hey all you Bible-bashers, wouldn’t he be the first to ‘turn the other cheek’ and offer forgiveness ?), but all this religiousness and whinging is getting a bit out of hand isn’t it ?

Last month, there were the Sikh protests in Birmingham about a play. Maths time … how many Christians were in those protests complaining about religious misinterpretation / blaspheming / insensitivity ? Answer: NONE. And how many Sikh’s were in front of the BBC last night for those same reasons ? NONE. Given this furore, if the BBC decided to screen something that denigrated Islam, would these Christians behove the BBC to not broadcast it ? No, they would not.

For as much as these religious types preach forgiveness, brotherhood and all that other lovey-dovey junk, they don’t give a damn about any other religion. So long as their god is represented as being the only true one who can save us all from hell and damnation, so long as their religion is portrayed in only a golden positive glow then they care not one single jot what is said about the others – in fact, given the extraordinary silences from other religions when these things come up, one could surmise that they actually enjoy it.

The BBC should be congratulated on not only showing this program and not caving in to the crucifix carriers, but also in allowing us to see just how much hypocrisy is contained within these religions.

And these people also live in the UK ….. a place where we still have “Freedom of Speech”. So for the religious types that will read “Freedom to say what you want just so long as you don’t offend me or my beliefs at all but slamming all the other false gods is just dandy”.

4 thoughts on “Jerry Jerry Jerry !

  1. I was going to post about this Mark..but I couldn’t be arsed. Still no reason not to drop a comment 🙂

    I’m not an athiest, but it’s a bloody joke how these people are acting. I mean senior execs at the Beeb have got security protection after threats! Must be large bibles they have for bashing 😉 I agree with you and with the great (and sorely missed) Bill Hicks. When confronted by a very large Christian in the deep south who took offence at some comments in his act, the conversation went something like…

    “Ah should kick yer ass for what you said about the Lord!”
    “So you consider yourself a good Christian?”
    “Then forgive me”


    I’m glad the BBC are going ahead with this.

  2. As far as I was aware, there is no freedom of speech laws in the UK… as there’s no constitution there due to it being a monarchy, so there’s no inbuilt rights to say things or not… IIRC there’s a freedom to protest peacefully, but again, Queenie could change it tomorrow if she fancied…

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