Reported in a variety of places – Register among others – is how to find webcams. The not-porn ones (so far .. still looking 😉 ).
A quick hittings of links finds:
A computer room in Finland
The outside of a dutch pub (?)
Somewhere very wet
A vacation board (Why point a cam at this ?)
Woodland Resort Cameras Note the ‘s’ – it’s a quad display and you can choose the cam.

The best one so far in this brief search was this one of a farm (?) which has all the controls to play with too.

All the above – bar maybe the vacation board one – are almost streamed.

Odd. A timewaster, but odd. And I can’t help feeling a tad voyeuristic (even though it’s a Sunday morning and no-one is in those images) .. isn’t this where I see a robbery taking place in the Woodland Resort Bait shop then use my internet prowess to alert the authorities and set off security stuff and take pictures and stop the baddies, save the world, get showered with adulation and …….. maybe I should lay off the cheese …..

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