Enjoy ? NO !!

I hate loathe and detest that word – “Enjoy!” – and I’m fed up of seeing it in blogs all over the damn place.

I will enjoy a Cadbury’s Creme Egg, or a Mars Bar, or some Noodles, or some cold Diet Coke. I could even enjoy a film, a book, a magazine, meeting someone, a walk.

But a template ? A gallery of yours ? Some stupid stats plugin ? No. No I cannot ‘enjoy’ it. How in hell’s name am I meant to ? What is it I do ? Do I drool at the screen while ‘enjoying’ whatever it is you’ve done – and with your tone implied that it is some gracious gift from your talented repertoire for humanity to be in awe of ? No, no I do not.

If I want to enjoy something online, I’d listen to Eric, not go to your site thankyouverymuch.