Food for little people

I love rusks. LOVE them. The original ones are best – can’t really be doing with all this new low-sugar and fruit flavoured stuff – so it was with no small amount of joy that today I discovered you can get MINI RUSKS ! How cool is that ? Needless to say, our regular shopping list of items has grown by one.
I know that we all have a comfort food of choice (mine ranging from cheesecake through to choccie biccies) but I don’t count rusks as a comfort food – it seems to have a category all of it’s own – along with one of the puddings in jars for people of about the same age – I think it’s the Apricot and Peach (not the custard one, the puree looking creation). It probably isn’t that odd that I (we ?) have these particular tastes …. do you think that someone somewhere goes all tingly at the thought of some smooth cauliflower cheese ? (No, me neither).

Procedure for the consumption of a (full size) Rusk

  1. Float a rusk in a bowl of COLD milk
  2. Allow rusk to float for a minimum of 2 minutes
  3. Flip rusk with a small spoon
  4. Scrape away now soggy base. Remember, using a small spoon = more mouthfuls = more enjoyment
  5. The top should now be softened, but not soggy. Gently break and eat
  6. Repeat as needed

Rusks. Too good for kids 🙂

3 thoughts on “Food for little people

  1. Rusks were okay and I agree with Steve on this one but there was another much better biscuit that I can’t remember the name of now. I used to take these to secondary school with me as part of my lunch :secret: I think they begin with a T but can’t be sure

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